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We're searching for partners!

Are you florist?
Have flower shop?
Represent delivery service?
Or simply like to bring people gladness and ready to cooperate?

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We're expanding our floristic network constantly and will be glad to cooperate with you! Become our member in your city, region or country. Experience is welcomed!

Our members have possibility send us orders for special "dealer" prices also

Send to us, please all your offers and ideas, even if Your area is listed at our website - you'll receive answer anyway!

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Why should you send flowers with

Why other people are sending flowers with

  • Rewievs and comments of our existing customers
    Many people have tried our services already. Just read comments of our customers, this can be really interesting. Sometimes customers tell they have read almoust all comments in guestbook as this was exciting. And after that they have sent flowers with us.

  • Work with customer
    Customers are our Friends! :) It is really pleasantly to undersatand, that our work helps people bring amazing emotions to dear persons. We're making discounts and/or bonuses for returning customers. We're trying to make good offer for each customer, who wants to make individual order. If you have special request for flowers delivery or have a question, just call us or write in messengers: +38 095 199-4500 ( ) or use contact form, or email us:
    Ask your question and receive quick answer!

  • Order delivery speed
    We offer same day delivery of flowers to most cities of Ukraine and many other countries. Sometimes we can offer delivery during 2-3 days (depends on delivery city and country). Note, please, that placing order in advance helps us deliver it more safely and without need to hurry. So, the earlier you will place the order - the better it will be. Try to make order 1-3 days in advance during ordinary days and 5-7 days in advance for delivery on St. Valentine's day (February, 14) and March, as we have peak load during that periods. Anyway, we will try to help each customer, even very late ones.

  • Saving your time
    A lot of our customers are busy people and we help them to do business nicely and pay attention to dear persons, relatives, friends, partners and colleagues, regardless of their busy work schedule. If you are such a person - you will appreciate the convenience.

  • Quality of flowers and gifts
    We select partner florist's shops with great care and make sure that each of our clients is satisfied, will return in future and advise us to friends. But if something will go wrong - we will investigate what and why has happened. If it will appear that it was our fault - we will make flowers redelivery or money back. But it happens wery rarely. Much more often, customers who are using such service for a first time begins panic ahead of time, while recipient, for example, is on the beach and does not yet know that fresh beautiful bouquet are waiting for her at hotel reception and problem is resolved to everyone's joy :)
    Anyway, if something will go wrong suddenly, we will assist you and put efforth finish flowers delivery :)

  • Anonymous delivery of flowers and gifts
    Our customers ask us for anonymous delivery sometimes. It is possible! And even more - we are not sharing info about you with delivering partners, so, recipient will know nothing about you.
    Important notice - if you need recipient to know, who is sending flowers - please, add your name to text of message card, that will be attached to flowers.

We will be pleased to work with you! :)

If you have any questions or ideas about our service, please, contact us!

Sincerely, Florist team.

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How to send flowers?

How to pay for flowers delivery?

How are we working?

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Why order with us?

Random comment from Guest-book
Dziękuję za perfekcyjnie zrealizowane zamówienie i za bardzo dobry i miły kontakt na Skypie!

Danke sehr für perfekt durchgeführte Bestellung und für einen sehr guten und netten Kontakt mit Ihnen durch Skype!

Thank you for the perfectly completed order and for very good and pleasant contact with you on Skype!
Pawel, 05.12.2018 13:59:51
Thank you for your comment, Pawel! :)
Come back again, it will be pleasant to work with you one more time
Here are few photos of roses, we've delivered for you:
Photo 1. Delivery of red roses to Khmelnycky, Ukraine. 2. Delivery of red roses to Khmelnycky, Ukraine. 3. Delivery of red roses to Khmelnycky, Ukraine. 4. Delivery of red roses to Khmelnycky, Ukraine.

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Individual order
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